About Me

I fancy myself a creative project manager.

With over a decade of experience in marketing, growth strategy, CRM management & video production, I'm well equipped to manage a wide array of creative projects.

I believe in the power of clearly defined goals.

This is especially true for agile, small businesses and teams who still have control for the most part of their business processes, tools and day-to-day tasks.

I'm focused on inspiring empathy.

How are we infusing empathy into the why behind your goals. Instead of generating more revenue, switch your goal to increasing impact in your customer's lives.


After Working With Me

“Myriah is extremely smart and passionate about her work. She conducts thorough research, has amazing ideas and doesn’t quit until she has achieved the ultimate goal. If given the chance I would absolutely work with Myriah again.”
Karyssa Bodine
Union Avenue Compounding Pharmacy
“I'm technically challenged so when it came to building a website I was lost. We knew we needed something simple and affordable but most importantly, something effective. Myriah came in and brought structure to our services and helped us simplify our offerings by putting our customers first. She created exactly what we needed.”
Dr. Kim Burkes
Union Avenue Compounding Pharmacy
“Myriah is smart, capable, ambitious and might have the strongest work ethic of anyone I've ever worked with. She possesses a characteristic that is all too rare these days: the ability to just figure it out, whatever it is. She doesn't get stuck; she researches, moves through it, and succeeds. I would work with Myriah again in a heartbeat!”
Alexis Hasselberger
“Myriah Johnson is a truly impressive human being. She can do literally anything she sets her mind to. Her ability to manage complex projects and truly deliver is awe-inspiring. Myriah's expertise, yet openness and versatility made her indispensable. She's someone I will hopefully work with again in the future. I have no doubt she will do some BIG things!”
Charlotte McGeever
SF Deltas
“Myriah has the rare combination of leadership, compassion, and creativity. Myriah never settles for what is ordinary or expected; she is always looking to approach projects in unique and creative ways. She also has a passion for helping others. Supporting the community is just as important to her as the work.”
Tim Weisinger
SF Deltas

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