Skype in the Classroom

A free online community connecting classrooms K-12 and experts around the world for live virtual learning experiences that make learning relevant, engaging and fun. These live learning experiences help build empathy and compassion for each other and our planet as students see and hear about people and places they would not otherwise have the opportunity to visit.

skype in the classroom

Projects Under Management

Our work for Skype in the Classroom brought strategy, structure and organization to their creative projects and internal work processes. This allowed them to successfully launch a new website, hit key deadlines and put them in a position to tackle their number one goal of growing their online community.

“After watching the broadcast with Dr. Jane Goodall, our students wrote a letter to the principal demanding that we stop using styrofoam in our cafeterias. He obliged.”
- 7th Grade Teacher
a focus on our mission

Empathy Factors

Equal Opportunity

Creating quality education and rich learning opportunities for students all over the world.

Expanding In Groups

Knowing more about different types of people allows us to find similarities and increases our capacity for empathy.

Perspective Taking

Connecting with classrooms globally lets students imagine what it would be like to walk in someone else's shoes.

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